The New Horizons Band of Indiana is a 501(c)(3) organization which depends on the support of a dedicated musical community.

First and foremost are two organizations vital to our band’s success. Paige’s Music was instrumental in forming the band in 1994 and has continued to provide musical expertise, and administrative and financial support through the years. Northside Baptist Church has provided invaluable rehearsal and instrument storage space, as well as an enthusiastic audience for our end of year annual concert and pitch-in. Venues at which we perform have provided generous donations after most of our concerts. And finally, our members and their families, friends and other individuals have provided support through our annual fund drive.

We gratefully thank and proudly acknowledge all these supporters!

$10 – $99


Bruce Armstrong

Judy Dunlap

Wayne Dunlap

John Edwards

Laura Edwards

Linda Erwin

Cindy Gregory

Don Hein

Valerie Plane

Scott Ringold

Lee Ann Shore


$100 – $249


Steve Barnes

Steve Brown

Michele Carroll

Rosemarie Cline

George Durfee

Nancy Jo Gemmer

Bill Kieffer

Marcia Klopp

Paula Lampe

Neil Lantz

Ron Lefeber

Drevvi Lowry

John Marshall

Jon Porter

Ed Ramsey

Phil Vincenzetti

Clarence White

Mary Zinkan

$250 – $499


Sandra DiTusa

Jeff Hartling

Dave Hollander

Bonnie May

George McCord

Kathy Merrell

Mary Ann Olvey

Paul Saft

Jon Thorpe


$500 – $999


Greg Greene

Jim Mehring

Bob Sieck


$1000 and Up


Jenn Foundation

Rick Parker

Bob Wiker

John Wood


Institutional Supporters


Paige’s Music, Inc.

Northside Baptist Church

Kristen Bowen Photography

Concert Venue Donors


Britton Falls Community

Chesapeake Community

City of Noblesville

Community Health Network

Cornerstone Lutheran Church

Hoosier Village

Indianapolis Parks

Reserve at Hamilton Trace

Robin Run Village

Shepherd Center (NUMC)

Traditions Senior Living

Westminster Village North


Memorial Donations


Estate of Todd Hayden


George McCord

in Memory of Carol Wiker


Phil Vincenzetti

in Memory of his Niece

Emma Hallesy Williams



Click Below to hear Supporter Neil Lantz donating a little Gershwin:

Click Below to see James Campbell drumming out his support: