No matter what instrument you play or how well you play it!

Our band was formed to give seniors the chance to learn or relearn to play a musical instrument, through easy and stress-free rehearsals, and to perform at local venues, mostly for senior audiences.  We are NOT all accomplished musicians – most members of our band played in school and then set their instruments aside for decades during their career and parenting years.  We rehearse on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9:30 to 11:30 at the Northside Baptist Church, so most of our members are retirees, who discovered this opportunity to re-live the fun of being in a high school band, playing some of the same music, but without mandatory attendance, grades or any of that!  And what does all this cost?  Our dues are just $50 per year.

Interested?  The best way to learn more would be to call or text one of our “New Member Hosts” to discuss questions and concerns – and to be reassured that YES, you are more than welcome, even if it takes a while to get up to speed. Then, come to a rehearsal, with or without your instrument, and see for yourself how easy and fun it is!

Here are our friendly “New Member Hosts!” Call or text any one of these band members for more information and to answer any questions.

Your host will then meet you at your first rehearsal to make introductions and to get you started on the right foot!

Rick Parker (Euphonium)

Text or Call: 317-432-0380

Email: reparker@indy.rr.com

Bonnie May (Flute)

Text or Call: 317-826-7530

Email: indybonnie@sbcglobal.net

Jerry Jenn (Trumpet)

Text or Call: 317-432-4317

Email: trumpeteer2@comcast.net

Bob Wiker (Clarinet)

Text or Call: 317-752-2957

Email: doughboyrdw@comcast.net

Jeff Hartling (Saxophone)

Text or Call: 317-432-9178

Email: bearister@bearister.com

Paul Saft (Percussion)

Text or Call: 317-219-9867

Email: phsaft@sbcglobal.net