It was a cold, dark Halloween morning when we were abruptly called to order to tune to this:

YIKES!  Double Take!  Triple Take!  What in the world is that???  It’s holding the tuner so it must be a conductor.  And I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning.  Not a nice way to wake up.  I don’t know about the other members of the band, but I had trouble following this thing!  And being cue’ed, well, that was just terrifying!

This group is the craziest and “most fun-est” group I’ve ever been associated with!  Everyone was invited to wear a costume – after all it was Halloween – but . . .  We had everything from innocent cheerleaders, sailors, puppies, unknown animals, creepy faces, Fathom of the Opera, pumpkins, space aliens, and visions of death  Hmmmm, vision of death, actually, that’s a good one for a conductor – the death look!  We’ve all seen that one!

Halloween 2015

Everyone knew something was a muck when Bob stepped up to the podium that morning.  He literally took “Counting” just a little bit too far.  But you had better believe we all counted!  Nobody wanted to cross Count Dracula even though it was daylight.

Count Conductor

The clarinet section is usually pretty quiet – don’t really know they’re there between songs.  But this year everyone was encouraged to dress for the occasion – it was Halloween and the clarinet section got a little carried away.  All clarinetists were wrapped in cob webs by a little clarinet being chased by non other than Count Dracula!

Crazy Clarinet Halloween Capers from Pete Zinkan on Vimeo.

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

Cool Cat

His daughter was innocent this year but I can’t help but think she may have influenced his grandson’s girlfriend.

Squared Hearts



Argyle – Mother used to knit these – she had strings of yarn hanging all over the place!

July stripes - pink (almost red) white and blue


Yikes Stripes


This week it was taco’s.

We saw spots today





Instruments deserve a break, too.

Baby Instruments

Oftentimes our instruments are treated like babies, but . . .

Clarence's Song

This song is dedicated to our own beloved Clarence.  Maybe if he had been practicing more (as indicated in this song) he may not have needed to be tied to  his chair!

St. Pius X Concert

The Song That Never Ends

The Song That Never Ends

Even the guy that “used to be Don Hine” cant hide behind this giant spittoon.

Four appendages going four different directions at the same time takes real talent.

Percussion trio.


The Whole Thing is Off

Poor, poor John.  After 30-some years successfully coping with high school students, he has taken on the challenge of Senior Citizens.  Feliz Navidad has a strange beat.  He describes it as “On on off off off . . . on on off off off . . . on on off off off . . . on on off off off.”  Todd Hayden is usually a quiet gentleman with few words but today he cut loose:  “The whole thing’s off!”

Bound and Determined

This gentleman was “bound and determined” to set up the entire rehearsal room even though he had already exceeded his energy level for the morning.  He found himself “bound’ to the chair!

Piano Socks

It seems as though Sam’s crazy socks have created a trend – take a look at these piano socks worn by one of our flute players!

The Great Doughnut Rush



He says he “used to be Don Hines” but we’re not sure just who he is these days!
Bad Boys Sit In Corners

Bad Boys Sit In Corners


Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse

Air! I need air!


All eyes on the conductor?

All eyes on the conductor?